THE 3HAG - 11 Part Online Training Series


Many companies we have worked with, mine included, have had great execution and a BHAG, but have issues connecting them. That is where 3HAG comes in. It is the bridge that builds confidence in your strategy, because it connects your daily executions to your BHAG. 3HAG is the process of mapping out a 36-month rolling forecast that builds confidence in your strategy, as it connects everything your company does to your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.


Still not sure what a 3HAG is and why it matters?

 Although the topic of 3HAG is complex, it can be broken down to be better understood. Let's take the example of climbing Mt. Everest. That is a BHAG if I have ever heard one! The thought of climbing Mt. Everest is crazy and fascinates me. What also fascinates me is the training and planning that goes into. Teams spend time, money, and energy meticulously training and planning for this mission to ensure they reach their goal and get there safely. These teams are planning for an environment that. is always changing, day by day, week by week, and month by month. Reaching Base camp 3 or 4 would reflect their Highly Achievable Goal, while the summit would be their BHAG. Instead of blindly going into this climb, they are planning each day by ensuring what they do each day is helping them reach their BHAG. Now, relate this to a business and maybe you understand 3HAG a bit better. It is the process of planning out day by day, week by week, month by month the executions your company will do in order to get to your BHAG.


Join me on this journey in our 11-Part 3HAG ONLINE TRAINING. We will walk you through the 3HAG process, leaving you with confidence in your strategy and the drive to keep working on your evolving 3HAG.


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What You'll Learn Through The 11-Part Series

The 3HAG was the missing piece we had been looking for for years. It’s like using google maps: you want to get from Point A to Point C, and The 3HAG gives you a map of how to get there. It might change due to traffic but it relieves anxiety, builds confidence, and always gets you to your destination.
— Neil Patel, CEO - KABUNI

By The Time This 11-Part 3HAG OnlineTraining Series Is Over, You Will Have Your Strategic Execution System + Confidence In Predicting The On-Going Growth Of Your Company

For only $1,200, you will gain access to an ENTIRE YEAR of Shannon Byrne Susko Certification and Training with her 3HAG Approach. With over 15 years experience as a CEO and Business Coach, Shannon Byrne Susko has been influencing and helping grow businesses all around the world. Following each session, a recorded copy will be sent to every registered attendee.


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