Shannon  has more than twenty years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies in the financial services industry. She co-founded, served as Chief Executive Officer, and led the sale of two companies in less than six years: Subserveo, Inc. and Paradata Systems Inc. She was recognized as one of  Canada's Top 40 under 40 in 2000, and was awarded the Sarah Kirke Award for Canada's Leading Women Entrepreneurs in 2006. She currently serves as a corporate director, as well as a leadership coach, helping CEOs and top executives in a variety of industries keep their companies on the path to growth and predictable profit.

While some can ‘teach’ and others can ‘do’, Shannon can do both!


3HAG WAY, 2018

The 3HAG WAY is a prescriptive framework that takes the guessing out of your strategy and ensures that you and your whole team are confident in where you are going. It breaks your strategy down into a clear and simple picture—so clear and simple that the whole team will be able to see where the company is going and where it will end up in three years’ time. This strategic clarity will align, engage, and empower your team to make confident decisions in order to achieve your 3HAG, your 3Year Highly Achievable Goal!

You’ll find step-by-step instructions to gut out your first 3HAG while building the confidence required to execute with speed toward your goals. The core purpose of this book is to have a significant impact on CEOs, leaders, and their companies and enable them to confidently realize their goals more quickly than they thought possible. And by achieving these goals they will positively impact their families and their communities. Whether you run a team of four, forty or 40,000, the tools and framework in this book will help you articulate your company’s strategy in simple terms and create a Strategic Execution System that works. We’re going to take each step of the strategy and break it down for you so that you know exactly how to take these steps and why they’re critical to achieving your goal.

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The Metronome Effect, 2014

The Metronome Effect will guide you on your journey to predictable profit. It will ensure the habituation that excellence is derived from is engrained in your organization. Every leader is empowered to set their metric beat to make sure the company is doing everything it needs to do to grow their profit. This book draws on the wisdom of some of the best business minds of our time, as well as the author’s own experiences as a serial entrepreneur, to create a methodology that shows you a practical step-by-step process; how to rhythmically integrate all the crucial parts of your business. Every leader has a metronome—find yours and discover the path to predictable profit.

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Shannon holds a Bachelors of Commerce and a Bachelors of Science degree from St. Mary's and a Masters of Computer Science degree from Technical University of Nova Scotia.

Masters in Business Dynamics - Gazelles Growth Institute (Shannon was the first ever graduate from this program, awarded in Oct. 2017)

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  • Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council
  • Canada's Top 150 Women of Achievement and Influence 
  • Masters in Business Dynamics - Gazelles Growth Institute (Shannon was the first ever graduate from this program, awarded in Oct. 2017)
  • BIV/ACG Vancouver 2011 Deal Maker of the Year
  • Report on Business Magazine's Canada's Top 40 Under 40™ Award 2000
  • 2006 recipient of the Sarah Kirke Award for Canada’s Leading Women High Tech Entrepreneur
  • YWCA Vancouver Women of Distinction – Entrepreneurship Nominee 2013 & Technology Nominee 2012
  • 2012 - ACG New York Champion’s Award- Middle-Market Deal of the Year – Finalist
  • BC TIA Best Application of Technology Award 2001 and 2011
  • BC Export Award for Best New Exporter 2002
  • Influential Women of the Year 2001 - presented by Business in Vancouver
  • Wired Women of the Year 2003 and CEO of the Year, presented by FWE Northwest


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