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THE 3HAG - 6 Part Webinar Series

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The 3HAG was the missing piece we had been looking for for years. It’s like using google maps: you want to get from Point A to Point C, and The 3HAG gives you a map of how to get there. It might change due to traffic but it relieves anxiety, builds confidence, and always gets you to your destination.
— Neil Patel, CEO - KABUNI

What You'll Learn Through The 11-Part Series


By The Time This 11-Part 3HAG Webinar Series Is Over, You Will Have Your Strategic Execution System + Confidence In Predicting The On-Going Growth Of Your Company

For only $109 per webinar, you will gain access to an ENTIRE YEAR of Shannon Byrne Susko Certification and Training with her 3HAG Approach. With over 15 years experience as a CEO and Business Coach, Shannon Byrne-Susko has been influencing and helping grow businesses all around the world.


Explore your Hedgehog and Confirm your BHAG

When:  April 5, 2016      Time:  11am Pacific       

 What does your "3HAG" - 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal - have to do with strategic confidence?

When:  May 3, 2016        Time:  11am Pacific