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3HAG - Part 1: Intro to 3HAG

  • We will define what your 3-Year Highly Achievable Goal is.
  • We will all do an Internal Operational Analysis for your company. To prepare, you can watch my video explaining this analysis here
  • I will help you conduct your External Market Analysis to create "The Map" you are playing in (As featured in Chapter 2 of The 3HAG Book here)
  • Identify your core customer. WHO is going to buy from you at a profit? We will identify and get to know your customer right down to the person. 
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3HAG - Part 3

  • Attribution Framework : Find the "white space" in your market.
  • Map out your Differentiating Activities. Learn how to compete on a different dimension by taking on a unique and valuable position in the market.
  • 12 Quarter Swim Lanes – Here, we will plan out your march for 12 quarters to execute your differentiating activities to your unique and valuable position. 
  • Work out your 36 Month-Over-Month P&L – This is a really challenging step but like anything rewarding, this is worth it!
  • Confirm your 3HAG and rework as the Quarter rolls over
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3HAG - Part 5

Q + A Check In - This session is all about sharing. This will be an open table discussion on how you are doing with your 3HAG process, raising any questions or road blocks, and sharing your helpful hints.

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