Journey To Predictable Profit Resources

CHAPTER 1 - The Leader   

Know your personal why - 'Personal Core Purpose' Worksheet. (page 25-29) - DOWNLOAD

Know your personal why - 'Personal Core Values' Worksheet. (page 25-29) - DOWNLOAD

Download the adapted Cameron Herold's 'Painted Picture' as outlined in his book Double Double. (page 35-36) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 2 - Foundation for Predictable Profit - People Environment, and Case

Complete Verne Harnish's 'People: Organizational Structure' Worksheet. - DOWNLOAD

Create an environment - 'The Map'. (page 42) - DOWNLOAD

Complete Verne Harnish's 'Function Accountability Chart' (FACe) Worksheet. (page 40) - DOWNLOAD

Example of 'Cash Conversion Flow Chart'. (page 50) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 3 - Core Purpose, Core Values, and the Big Hairy Audacious GoalTM 

Establish a core purpose for the company. Make sure the company's core purpose is known throughout the organization. (page 55) - DOWNLOAD

Establish core values by utilizing Jim Collins 'Mars Exercise'. (page 56) - COMING SOON

Complete the 'Personal Core Values vs. Organizational Core Values' Worksheet. (page 58) - DOWNLOAD

Even if you're unsure, 'gut it out' and write down your Big Hairy Audacious GoalTM. (page 62) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 4 - Competitive Environment

Review Michael Porter's Five Forces Framework, as a team, and fill out the  'Analysis Framework' to see where the power lies in your industry. - DOWNLOAD

Read Michael Porter's article 'What Is Strategy'. - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 5 - The Business Model Canvas

Complete Geoffrey Moore's 'Positioning Statement' Worksheet. (page 84-86) - DOWNLOAD

Complete Geoffrey Moore's 'Value Proposition' Worksheet. (page 86-88) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 6 - Strategic Thinking

Adapted Robert Bloom's 'Core Customer' Worksheet - Long Version. (page 95-96) - DOWNLOAD

Adapted Robert Bloom's 'Core Customer' Worksheet - Short Version. (page 95-96) - DOWNLOAD

Create, with your team, an 'Attribution Framework' Worksheet for your company. (page 97) - DOWNLOAD

Complete Verne Harnish's 'Seven Strata Framework' with your team. (page 98-99) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 7 - Execution

'One Page Plan Waterfall' Diagram (page 113) - DOWNLOAD

Complete Verne Harnish's 'One Page Plan' (OPP) (page 115) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 8 - Meeting by Meeting

'Meeting by Meeting' Template (page 146) - DOWNLOAD                                           

'Meeting by Meeting' Example (page 146) - DOWNLOAD

'Weekly CEO Email' Example (page 136) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 10 - Team Cohesiveness

Work through all of Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions with your team on a continual basis to stay on track. (page 157) - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 11 - Human System

Complete 'Individual One Page Plan' (OPP) Template. (page 171) - DOWNLOAD

'Perfection- Whole Team Has Their One Page Plan' Diagram (page 176) - DOWNLOAD

Position Scorecard Template - DOWNLOAD


CHAPTER 12 - Metronome Effect: Trust Is Execution

Journey to Predictable Profit Checklist. - COMING SOON                                                     

Diagram of "The House". (page 179) - COMING SOON