The Development and Growth of Your Human System

Human resources Companies that continuously learn and foster good habits and accountability have been the most successful companies over the last hundred years. Hiring and developing your human system is paramount.

The human system at my companies ensured that team members grew through learning. We set a rhythm in which, written down in each person’s personal one page plan (OPP), was what they were going to do to grow themselves professionally that quarter. This could be reading a book on a specific skill area related to their functional role or attending a workshop or conference. The key was that we made this a part of our human system. It was one of our core values and we were prepared to plan and invest in these learning opportunities regularly in our rhythm, both personally and corporately.

Your last step for ensuring you have an effective human system is to get a personal OPP (Link to Everyone In Your Organization Should Have a Personal One Page Plan Post 1, Series 4) into the hands of everyone across the organization. I believe it’s fundamental to any business of any size for everybody to have an OPP that ties into the performance-review process. Most people think this is a daunting task, and I don’t disagree, but it’s so achievable if you take it step by step. Once you have the OPP working in your organization for more than four quarters and all your direct reports have their own OPP, start working team by team to create an personal OPP for all team members.