How to Be the Foundation of Your Organization

Post 3_Series 1 The leader, while positioned at the top, is really at the bottom serving as the foundation of any organization. Being an effective leader requires a certain level of self-awareness. Leaders need to understand why they show up every day. They need to understand what they are good at and what they are not good at. Sharing this information with their team is critical. Leaders also require a deep understanding of what makes their team members tick, what they are good at and not good at. Finally, leaders need to be able to paint a clear, memorable picture of where they want the company to be in ten or more years.

As the leader of an organization, you need to start by understanding your ‘why’—not the company’s ‘why’, but your personal one. Not everyone needs to know your ‘why’, but it’s really important for team cohesiveness that your team members understand it. They need to know what the leader is all about. For example, I have worked with clients who were so shy about admitting they worked hard because they wanted to make a boatload of money but felt relieved when they finally told the truth. I said to them, ‘You should talk to your team members about your “why”. People can get behind a personal “why” as much as they can a company “why”. And, you never know, they might even have the same “why”.’