Create a Rhythm for Success

Post 1_Series1 I was recently the keynote speaker at a luncheon hosted by a software company. After I was introduced, I got up in front of this roomful of people and started clapping. I didn’t say anything; I just clapped. Pretty soon, a few people in the audience started clapping along with me. Then more people joined in. If I sped up, the room sped up with me. If I slowed down, the room slowed down with me. It wasn’t long before the entire room was clapping together in unison.

Then I stopped clapping, but it did not matter. Everyone kept going. I could have left the room and I’m certain they would have continued clapping together in a steady rhythm for quite a while. I looked out over the crowd, and when they finally quieted down a bit, I said, ‘Just remember this moment.’

That is the metronome effect.

A metronome is a device that produces a metrical beat. Rhythm is a way to set expectations within an organization so that your team knows what they need to do to succeed. It’s also a way for the leader to be sure that the strategy, a healthy organization, the human system, and the execution plan are being thought about regularly and focused on to drive profit.

As I continued with my speech, I asked the crowd, ‘As a leader in your organization, what beat do you want to set? Because, if you create a strong disciplined beat, your team will fall into it, just like you all did here today. That is the best way to ensure that your team is always thinking about the strategic plan, execution plan, the team, and cash plan in order to make the best effort every day to drive the organization towards your goals.’

Go ahead, find your rhythm and find success. For more on how to find or create rhythm in your organization has helpful and actionable resources.