THE 3HAG - 2018 Online Learning Series - Sessions 1-11

This webinar originally took place throughout 2018. This webinar is a re-run to allow those new to 3HAG to learn and prepare for 3HAG webinar sessions 12-24. In this webinar, we introduce 3HAG WAY, THE strategic execution system that drives confidence in predicting the future growth of your company and then making it happen. 

Webinars will occur once a month and will be available for unlimited viewing after each session is complete. Sessions are scheduled for:

  • Thursday January 10th 2019 @9am-10am PST  - Introduction to 3HAG

  • Thursday February 7th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Key Process Flow Map

  • Thursday March 7th 2019 @9am-10am PST - The Map

  • Thursday April 4th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Core Customer

  • Thursday May 9th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Attribution Framework

  • Thursday June 6th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Activity Fit Map

  • Thursday July 4th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Swimlanes

  • Thursday August 8th 2019 @9am-10am PST - 36 Month Rolling Forecast

  • Thursday September 5th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Brand Promise with Guarantee

  • Thursday October 3rd 2019 @9am-10am PST - Secret Sauce

  • Thursday November 7th 2019 @9am-10am PST - Confirm & Evolve 3HAG

This webinar is recommended for Coaches, CEO's, leadership teams and entrepreneurs of all experience level.

The 3HAG was the missing piece we had been looking for for years. It’s like using google maps: you want to get from Point A to Point C, and The 3HAG gives you a map of how to get there. It might change due to traffic but it relieves anxiety, builds confidence, and always gets you to your destination.
— Neil Patel, CEO - KABUNI


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