3HAG Certification program empowers coaches to mastery of this groundbreaking strategic execution system. Coaches will be equipped with the tools needed to apply 3HAG with their clients for maximum impact on their companies and communities. 

I have a Harvard-educated client who said that, despite all the great models and information he receives during his annual trips there, 3HAG is the first tool that has helped him see how to implement strategy in his business. They had what they believe to be a multi-million dollar idea emerge.
— Rob Monson, Founder of Ten Fold Advisors


  • Two Day in-person training with Shannon Byrne Susko, creator of 3HAG

  • Certified Logo - Use of Certified 3HAG Logo

  • Monthly Learning - Monthly Webinar Access included

  • IP and PPT - Access to all IP via web download and Power Point slides

  • Open Office Hours - Monthly Open Office Hours with Shannon via Zoom

  • Online Content

  • Promotion - Promoted on Shannon Susko’s Site as a Certified 3HAG Coach

  • In Person Meetings - 4 Times per year at various convenient locations

  • Referrals - Certified Coaches will receive referrals from time to time

  • MGS - Certified Coaches are required to use MGS with at least their new clients

    • If you are a current monthly subscribed MGS member – you will receive $1000 off your annual certification fees


  • Certification Training - 2 Day in Person Workshop  (Prep – Completed 3HAG WAY and Webinars to Date)

  • Applied Learning - 90 Days with Evidence of Implementation with Clients Through Strategic Pictures.

  • Complete Cert - Online 1 Hour Test

  • Recertification - ½ Day in Person or Online 1 Hour Test Annually



Denver, Colorado October 18-19, 2018

Vancouver, BC November 14-15, 2018

Vancouver, BC November 18-19, 2018

San Jose, Costa Rica February 12-13, 2019

Atlanta, GA May 23-24, 2019